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Area of a Polygon
Using a digital interactive practice using rectangles and triangles to determine the area of a polygon.
I can:

I can determine the area of a polygon using rectangles and triangles.

Tech Skills:
  • Drag and drop

  • Manipulate Shapes

  • Online Calculator

  • Multiple Browser Tabs

Materials and Resources:

PBS - Drawing Area

Online Calculator
(Ohio Department of Education’s recommended calculator for test practice)

Quizlet - Area of composite shapes

Math Games: Area of Complex Figures

Grade Level:
  • 6th Grade

Subject Area:
  • Mathematics


Activity 1

  1. Students should demonstrate proficiency in calculating the area of a rectangle and triangle prior to beginning this activity.

  2. Launch the drawing tool to demonstrate the interactive to the class. Watch the video    as a whole class and work through a problem to demonstrate how to resize, place, and flip a shape, the scale (1 square = 1 cm), how to enter area and how to use the help feature (encourage students to click on this only when they are truly stuck).

  3. Have students Launch the PBS Finding Area of Triangles and Polygons. Optional - provide a calculator to support computation.

Activity 2

Have students complete the following problem and check their work with another student. Give each pair of students a similar problem but with varying square footage for the area of the room. Allow each pair to partner with another pair and share their three possible shapes.

A room in the school is 120 square feet. Use a combination of rectangles and triangles to draw three possible shapes that the room could be.

Practice Activity

Have students complete the practice problems on the Students can practice calculating the area of composite shapes and check their work with Quizlet - Area of composite shapes (learn, flashcards and match). Students should have the online calculator open on a separate tab. Switching between screens to utilize the calculator while reviewing with Quizlet will increase their technology skill set.

Use Math Games practice for two levels of practice problems for complex figures.


6.G.1 Through composition into rectangles or decomposition into triangles, find the area of right triangles, other triangles, special quadrilaterals, and polygons; apply these techniques in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.

Supplementary Resources:

Review Area of Rectangle

Review Area of Triangle

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