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Finding the Area of a Sector Through Exploration
The student will use technology to find the area of a sector. 

I can:
  • I Can find the area of a sector
Tech Skills:
  • Drag and drop

  • Fill in text boxes

Materials and Resources:

Link to Desmos activity

Teacher.Desmos Overview

Using Desmos

Grade Level:
  • 9th-10th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Geometry


Prior to this activity read the teacher guide on Desmos and work through the activity yourself.


Activity 1

  1.  Vocabulary review with students the following words:
  2. Radius
    Central angle

  3. Give the students the class code for the desmos activity and get their technology


Activity 2

  1. Help the students login to the activity, Depending on your students, you may need to stop frequently during the activity. 

  2. Please pick out your stopping points and when it would be a good idea to introduce the formula for area.  

  3. Rotate around the class and wrap up the activity with the desmos learning log.



Practice Activity

This can vary with student activity and your textbook.


G.C.5 Find arc lengths and areas of sectors of circles.
b. Derive the formula for the area of a sector, and use it to solve problems.

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