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Examining the Real Number System
The students will develop a Venn diagram of the system and use that to support the online card sort activity.

I can:
  • I can distinguish between the different number subsets
Tech Skills:
  • The students will be online working through a card sort, matching exercise
Materials and Resources:

Computers or tablets

Venn Diagram activity sheet

Desmos account (free)
Grade Level:
  • 8th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Math


Activity 1

  1. Use a Bell Ringer to get the students thinking about the difference between a fraction and a whole number.

  2. Bring the Venn Diagram up on the projector and have the students develop their own ideas about the differences between the subsets. Give the students about 5 minutes with a partner

  3. After the short discussion, bring the students back together and review their discoveries. Give them the actual definitions as well to compare.

  4. Discuss how a whole number is always rational but a rational number is not always a whole. Also discuss how square could sometimes be a natural number.

  5. Transition into the next activity by having the students get the tablet or computer.


Activity 2

  1. Have the students go to and type in the class code for the activity.

  2. Teacher preparation: Prior to the lesson go to Card Sort: Real Number System

  3. Teacher preparation: You may want to look over the teacher guide

  4. Teacher preparation: If you have never used Desmos activities. Just create a class code and give the code to the students. They go to student.desmos you can stay on teacher.desmos to see their results.

  5. Have the students partner up to complete the activity. You may need to pause the activity from time to time for whole group discussions. It is not a big deal if you run out of time. If the students login then it will save the activity.



Practice Activity

Assign practice problems depending on readiness. You may need to allow the students to practice or give them another Venn diagram to fill out.


8.NS.1  Know that real numbers are either rational or irrational. Understand informally that every number has a decimal expansion which is repeating, terminating, or is non-repeating and non-terminating.

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