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The Enlightenment Meets Social Media
This lesson plan challenges students to create a social media profile (format of their choosing), imagining that they are writing from the perspective of one of the key Enlightenment thinkers studied in class. This lesson will allow students to apply knowledge of Enlightenment beliefs creatively, while also pushing students to manipulate text and images within a provided template. Dragging and dropping, inserting images, and typing are all skills necessary on the high school state tests.

I can:
  • Summarize an Enlightenment thinker’s key beliefs and ideas

  • Create a social media account for a historical figure using the template

  • Insert and edit text within a template to meet project guidelines

Tech Skills:
  • Text Editing

  • Keyboarding and Mouse Skills

Materials and Resources:


Enlightenment Thinkers Slide


Student laptop or device





Grade Level:
  • 9th & 10th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

  • American History

Activity 1:

  • Share the slide Enlightenment Meets Social Media slide with students so that they have access to the two templates linked within the instructions slide

    Review project guidelines with students. They will be creating a social media profile on either Twitter or Facebook that reflects the beliefs and attitudes of their Enlightenment thinker.

    In addition to the basic profile information, students must also create a minimum of 3 posts or tweets from the perspective of the assigned thinker.

  • As students are working, the instructor should be circulating the room, ensuring that students are writing from the perspective and attitude of their thinker.

  • When students are done they can either share the Google Slide template or print it out and turn in a hard copy of the assignment.


Activity 2 (Most likely day 2):

  • Place students in groups where each Enlightenment thinker is presented to the rest of the group.

  • Students will be sharing their social media profiles with classmates and explaining the key beliefs of their assigned Enlightenment thinker.

  • Depending on teacher preference, students can take notes of fill in a guided worksheet of the different thinkers if desired.



Practice Activities:

  • Students will complete a short quizlet quiz to check for their knowledge on all Enlightenment thinkers covered in class.


ONLS: Modern World History

6. Enlightenment thinkers applied reason to discover natural laws guiding human nature in social, political and economic systems and institutions


ONLS: American History

9. The Bill of Rights is derived from English law, ideas of the Enlightenment, the experiences of the American colonists, early experiences of self-government and the national debate over the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.

Supplementary Resources:

Enlightenment Thinkers Quizlet

Enlightenment Background Info

Enlightenment Thinkers Video
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