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Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

Note: This lesson is best suited for a GAFE School. This lesson should be used after
inherited traits and learned behaviors have been introduced to the students.

I can:

I can explain how the traits and behaviors of an animal affect its ability to survive in a given habitat. 

Tech Skills:
  • Simulation (to generate data)

  • Text Editing

  • Using an interactive Venn Diagram

Materials and Resources:
Grade Level:
  • 3rd Grade

Subject Area:
  • Science


Activity 1

  1. Ask two students to come up to the front of the room to play a game of charades.

  2. The first student will take a slip of paper out of a container and act it out for the class. The students at their seats will guess whether the volunteers are acting out learned behaviors or inherited traits.

  3. The slips of paper could have either pictures or words to describe the terms.

  4. Tell the students they are going to be observing more animal behaviors and completing some activities with a partner and independently using the eBook, “Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviours” (this eBook was created using Google Slides).

  5. Projecting on our whiteboard, Go through the eBook “Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviours”. Discuss the directions for each page.


Activity 2

  1. In pairs, students will each have a copy of the eBook “Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviours” to go through.

  2. The first 4 pages can be completed with a partner so that the students have time to discuss the vocabulary and the video clips.

  3. During the partner activity on page 4, the students should read the directions and then view the video clips, discussing what type of behavior they think is shown in the video and why. They can click on the ? to check their answers.

  4. Make sure the students understand that they are to watch the Desert Fox video first and then use that information to complete their Venn Diagram.

  5. Show the students how to use the tools to label the circles and add tags inside the circles .

  6. Review how to use a rubric to make sure they have all of the necessary information included in their diagram.

  7. Show the students how they will send their diagrams to me via email when they are finished, displaying the email address on the smartboard in some other way.

  8. Ask the students to open up the link and begin the activity. Monitor the students as they work with their partners and then independently, supporting students who need additional help.


Offspring resemble their parents and each other.

Supplementary Resources:

Students who finish early can watch the Just For Fun videos on the last page of the eBook or complete an interactive Venn Diagram using an animal of their own choice. 

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