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Economic Incentives

Note: This lesson is best suited for a GAFE School.

I can:

I can give examples of positive and negative incentives and tell how they affect the choices I make.

Tech Skills:
  • Keybaording

  • Drag and Drop

Materials and Resources:
Grade Level:
  • 3rd Grade

Subject Area:
  • Social Studies


Activity 1

  1. Use the brief PowerPoint to introduce the definitions and discuss some examples of negative and positive incentives.

  2. Ask 2 volunteers to come up and hold the signs “positive incentive” and “negative incentive”. Then ask for a volunteer to read one of the incentive cards to the class.

  3. The students Turn and Talk to someone next to them and decide if the statement is a positive incentive or a negative incentive. Have a few partners share their thoughts.

  4. Pass out the incentive cards and T-charts to the students. Monitor the students as they work. Students who finished correctly can go on to the next activity. Students who need support can work with the teacher in a group.


Activity 2

  1. Students should be paired with a partner.

  2. Students open the Interactive T-Chart link. They will label one side of the chart “Positive Incentives” and the other side “Negative Incentives”. Working with a partner, they need to think of incentives used at home or school and type 3 incentives in each category. This chart can be saved and printed out later.

  3. Ask a volunteer to tell the difference between a positive and negative incentive. Discuss how incentives affect our behaviors and our choices.

  4. Review the learning target and ask students to log into Google Classroom and complete the Economic Incentives Drag and Drop. They will need to turn this assignment in when they are finished.


Both positive and negative incentives affect people’s choices and behaviors.

Supplementary Resources:

Students who finish early can get their social studies notebook and work with a partner to come up with additional incentives they think might be helpful at school, at recess, or in the lunchroom.

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