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“Tug of War” World War I
Military spending among the great powers of Europe increased greatly in the years prior to World War I. Rivalries between the powers led to a building up of armed forces and an increase in distrust.

Imperialism was an important underlying cause of World War I. The great powers of Europe were competing for land around the world. Intense nationalism grew among the European people (e.g., the influence of nationalism in the Balkans, which prompted the outbreak of WWI). Consequently, due to national animosities, there was little resistance to war when it began.

The system of alliances early in the century set the stage for enlarging a small-scale conflict into a world war. Each alliance brought several nations into the conflict. By the beginning of the war, the two large alliances were the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance.

I can:
  • Explain how militarism, imperialism, nationalism and alliances were causes of World War I.

  • Use primary and secondary sources of information includes an examination of the credibility of each source.

  • Analyze cause, effect, sequence and correlation in historical events, including multiple causation and long- and short-term causal relations.

Tech Skills:
  • Navigate websites

  • Utilize keyboarding and mouse skills

  • Select objects and paste them into another location.

  • Select an object to resize for proper proportions

  • Drag and drop objects and text depending on the needs of the product

  • Highlight text and copy and paste it into another location.

  • Properly cite and utilize web images connected to content

  • Publish and share a digital creation

Materials and Resources:

Timeline assignment sheet with rubric

Video how to use Timeline App



Grade Level:
  • 9th-12th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

Upon completion of the study of World War I, students will reflect on their learning and determining what they believe to be the most significant events pre-war, during and as it closed. They will not only place the event appropriately on the timeline by date, but they will describe the event and place an appropriate image with the event as well.


Activity 1:

Students will draft list of 20 key events

  1. Students will capture images to coordinate to each event

  2. Students will draft text to accompany each image



Activity 2:

Students will coordinate all pieces created in Activity 1 into the timeline app - ReadWriteThink timeline tool (this tool requires Flash Player so you will need to use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari on a computer, or install the timeline app on a tablet).

Student will share the published piece as directed by instructor.

Ohio Modern World History

  • 14. The causes of World War I included militarism, imperialism, nationalism and alliances.
Supplementary Resources:

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