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“Back in the USSR” The Fears of the Cold War
The United States and Soviet Union were victorious in World War II and emerged as superpowers. Unlike most of Europe and parts of Asia, the U.S. sustained little damage and had a strengthened economy. The Soviet Union had mobilized its resources for the war effort, and following the war, expanded its territorial control into most of Eastern Europe. The Cold War era of tense relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union began in the aftermath of World War II. Competition between the two countries for global dominance was influenced by their conflicting political and economic ideologies. By the end of the 1940s, the Soviets successfully exploded an atomic bomb, adding to the tensions between the two superpowers.

I can:
  • Analyze how the United States and the Soviet Union became superpowers and competed for global influence.

  • Explain the fears the Cold War created in people

  • Utilize advertising and propaganda techniques that speak to the fears of the Cold War

Tech Skills:
  • Navigate websites

  • Utilize keyboarding and mouse skills

  • Select objects and paste them into another location.

  • Select an object to resize for proper proportions

  • Select areas within the drawing

  • Drag and drop objects and text depending on the needs of the product

  • Highlight text and copy and paste it into another location.

  • Properly cite and utilize web images connected to content

  • Utilize Google Drawings to create.

  • Publish and share a digital creation

Materials and Resources:

Sample Advertisement

Google Drawing tutorial

Google Drawing Overview

Grade Level:
  • 9th-12th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

Activity 1:

  1. Utilizing the knowledge student has about the fear of security and safety during the era of the Cold War, they will be asked to design an advertisement for a product that will help promote safety and well-being

  2. Students will brainstorm which product they will sell and how they will meet the other guidelines for the assignment.



Activity 2:

  1. Students will create their advertisement, using Google Drawing, with all required information and share with the instructor.

Ohio Modern World History

  • 18. The United States and the Soviet Union became superpowers and competed for global influence.
Supplementary Resources:


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