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Leaping into Rational Numbers
Solve puzzles and graph the solutions on an online number line
I can:

I can graph rational numbers on a number line.

Tech Skills:
  • Drag and Drop

Materials and Resources:

Math Frames - Placing numbers on a number line

Visual Fractions:

Logical Leaps:  Rational Numbers on the Number Line

Placing Numbers on a Number line

Grade Level:
  • 6th Grade

Subject Area:
  • Mathematics


Students should have familiarity with rational numbers and have previous experience with graphing integers on a number line.

Activity 1

Use Math Frame’s Placing numbers on a number line to assess students’ ability to graph integers on a number line. Most students should begin with the -5 to 5 to review graphing integers. When student meet with success have them move to 0 to 1 in tenths. Move to graphing fractions on a number line at Visual Fractions. Spending ten minutes on this activity will allow students to manipulate the flag on the number line and have a basic review prior to beginning Activity 2. Students who do not need review can move directly to Activity 2 without an issue.


Activity 2

Students should be introduced to Logical Leaps. The puzzle they solve will require them to demonstrate their solution by dragging icons on the number line and placing them in the appropriate spot. Students are now working with rational numbers on the number line. Most students should work through the problems individually. Demonstrating the following problem on the board will help students meet with early success. Logical Leaps only has 3 interactive problems so I would use the problem below for demonstration and not one of the problems used in the interacitve.

Wallabies Waldo, Willy, and Wendy are in a jumping contest. Match each wallaby to its jump and locate on the number line. Any jump backwards from the starting point is considered a negative jump. Only positive jumps can win.

  1. Waldo, the tallest wallaby, jumped the farthest, but the shortest wallaby did not jump the least distance.
  2. One got confused and jumped 2 meters in the wrong direction.
  3. The other two jumps were 12/5  meters and 2 1/5 meters in the right direction.
  4. Wallis is 1 4/5 feet tall. The others are 4 1/6 feet and 3 1/10 feet tall.

Description: Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.19.59 PM.png

Work through the puzzle with your students using a number line similar to the one above. Once students work through the puzzle, they can check their answer. If a student does not correctly answer the puzzle on the third attempt they can view the correct solution.



Practice Activity

Students can practice placing numbers on a number line with Positioning Numbers on a Number Line (Geogebra).


Understand a rational number as a point on the number line. Extend number line diagrams and coordinate axes familiar from previous grades to represent points on the line and in the plane with negative number coordinates.

Supplementary Resources:

PBS Resources:
Practice Worksheet

Practice Worksheet Key

Puzzle Response Worksheet


Logical Leaps:  Graphing Inequalities Rational Numbers

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