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What’s the Best Form of a Quadratic?
This lesson will help the students understand what key feature of a parabola each quadratic form can tell.
I can:

I can determine the key feature of a parabola from an equation

Tech Skills:
  • Students will learn graphing skills on

  • Student will complete a card sort on

Materials and Resources:
Grade Level:
  • 8th or 9th Grade

Subject Area:
  • Algebra 1

Activity 1

  1. Prior knowledge: Students will need some prior knowledge with the varying forms of quadratics, May want to do a bell ringer to review the forms with the students

  2. Pass out the Parabola exploration paper and have the students obtain their technology

  3. Have the students go to This is the free online graphing tool that will be used on the Ohio Air Tests

  4. Review the parts of a parabola with the students and the equation forms,

  5. Work through the exploration together. I would pause every new form to clarify student findings.

  6. Have the student fill in the table. They will need this for the next activity

Activity 2

  1. To transition into the next activity have the student go to It will ask for a class code:

    Welcome screen

  2. Teacher preparation: Go to and go to Card Sort: Parabolas and create a class code for the students to input. You may want to review the teacher guide as well on the activity.

  3. Have the students enter the code and complete the three slides. You can stop the students at any point during the activity to discuss findings and vocabulary.


Practice Activity

Give the 4th slide of the activity as practice either at home or in class if time.


F.IF.7a . Graph linear functions and indicate intercepts. (A1, M1)

F.IF.8 Write a function defined by an expression in different but equivalent forms to reveal and explain different properties of the function.

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