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“What’s Going On?”
The push for the expansion of rights and freedoms for women and indigenous groups during the second half of the 20th century was led by the efforts of human rights organizations and fueled by media coverage.

I can:
  • Explain examples of how political and social struggles have resulted in expanded rights and freedoms for women and indigenous peoples.

  • Present various perspectives of the same event.

Tech Skills:
  • Navigate websites

  • Utilize keyboarding and mouse skills

  • Select objects and paste them into another location.

  • Select an object to resize for proper proportions

  • Insert videos from Youtube

  • Drag and drop objects and text depending on the needs of the product

  • Highlight text and copy and paste it into another location.

  • Properly cite and utilize web images, and videos connected to content

  • Utilize Google Slides to create.

  • Publish and share a digital creation

Materials and Resources:

Video Mash-Up Template

Full directions for tech creation piece.





Grade Level:
  • 9th-12th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

Activity 1

  1. Students should identify a specific event connected to this time period of struggling for equality.

  2. Students should navigate websites regarding the topic and ensure they are fully versed in various perspective of the chosen event

  3. Students should identify a video on Youtube which best represents the chosen event.

  4. Students should identify a song which represents an opposing perspective to what is being portrayed in the event video

  5. Student should be prepared to explain the connection between the event


Activity 2

Students will create Google Slides presentation over chosen historic event.

  1. Utilizing the mashup template provided, students will combine all pieces together for their own presentation

  2. Students will publish and share their digital creation.


Ohio Modern World History

  • 22. Political and social struggles have resulted in expanded rights and freedoms for women and indigenous peoples.
Supplementary Resources:

Justice and the Jim Crow Laws

The March on Washington and Its Impact

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**Lesson based on ideas shared at

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