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“Edge of a Revolution”
The Industrial Revolution transformed Europe and North America in the late 18th and 19th centuries. It had positive and negative effects on class distinctions, family life and the daily working lives of men, women and children. Population growth and migrations, urbanization and emigration out of Europe were impacted by the move to an industrialized economy.

The Industrial Revolution led to movements for political and social reform in England, Western Europe and the United States. It also expanded the world-market economy.

I can:
  • Analyze the social, political and economic effects of industrialization on Western Europe and the world.

  • Identify examples of multiple causation and long- and short term causal relationships with respect to historical events.

  • Analyze the relationship between historical events taking into consideration cause, effect, sequence and correlation.

Tech Skills:
  • Navigate websites

  • Utilize keyboarding and mouse skills

  • Select objects and paste them into another location.

  • Select an object to resize for proper proportions

  • Drag and drop objects and text depending on the needs of the product

  • Highlight text and copy and paste it into another location.

  • Properly cite and utilize web images, and connected to content

  • Utilize Google Slides to create.

  • Publish and share a digital creation

Materials and Resources:

Effects of the Industrial Revolution

How to make comic strips in Google Slides

Sample Comic Strip made in slides

Grade Level:
  • 9th-12th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

Understanding the positive and negative impacts of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, is imperative as students continue the study Modern World History.

The students will create a comic strip, via Google Slides, that presents to the reader some of these impacts. The characters of the strip should take on one of the varying social classes that existed during this time period and explore the impacts at that level.


Activity 1:

Students should brainstorm, which social group(s), their cartoon will focus and identify which impacts it will focus on.

  • Student should draft out some basic dialogue for comic

  • Student should locate key images to be utilized in comic strip



Activity 2:

Student will craft comic strip

 Student will publish and share their digital creation with instructor.


Ohio Modern World History

  • 9. Industrialization had social, political and economic effects on Western Europe and the world.


Supplementary Resources:

Fundamental Economic Questions and the Industrial Revolution





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