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World War Two Early Events Recap
Students will be creating a concept map using the web tool Popplet to highlight several of the early events of World War II. Students not only need to define the terms in their own words, but they also can use the connections in Popplet to show the ways that these events are interconnected.

I can:
  • Summarize key events of World War II in my own words

  • Show connections between different historical events and concepts

  • Utilize the concept mapping website, Popplet, to create a concept map of key events and concepts from the first half of World War II

Tech Skills:
  • Text Editing

  • Keyboarding and Mouse Skills

Materials and Resources:

WWII Recap Slide

Popplet Account (free to create)

Student laptop or other device



Grade Level:
  • 9th & 10th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

  • Modern American History


Activity 1:

  • Begin class by posing the question “During the first half of the war, which side would you say was dominate? Provide 2-3 examples/events that support your choice.”

  • Briefly review student answers as a class

  • Transition students into the day’s activity by building on the examples and events brought up during the class discussion from the starter question.


Activity 2:

  • Display the slide with the key events on the Smartboard/projector.

  • Explain to students that they will be creating a concept map of some of the early events that allowed Hitler to be so dominate early in the war.

    Students need to create a popple for the event and a summary in the student’s own words.

    They also need to show connections between different events (ex: Blitzkrieg and Invasion of Poland)

    Popplet allows the creator to connect different popples by dragging a line between the two popples.

  • Once students know the basics of the assignment, they should navigate to and create a free account if they do not already have one.

    Depending on student familiarity with the website, a brief tutorial of the site and its tools may be necessary at this time



Practice Activities:

  • Students will complete their concept map and share or print with the instructor.


ONLS: Modern World History

17. World War II devastated most of Europe and Asia, led to the occupation of Eastern Europe and Japan, and began the atomic age.

ONLS: American History

21. During the 1930s, the U.S. government attempted to distance the country from earlier interventionist policies in the Western Hemisphere as well as retain an isolationist approach to events in Europe and Asia until the beginning of WWII

ONLS: Technology Standards - Information and Communications Technology

-Create artifacts using digital learning tools and resources to demonstrate knowledge.

-Use digital learning tools to represent and model complex systems of information to a target audience.
Supplementary Resources:


Blitzkrieg Information

Timeline of WWII Events

Concept Map Overview
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