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Axis Aggression Timeline
In this lesson students will be creating an interactive timeline using the website Sutori. Sutori is free to sign up for and quite easy to use. Students can insert text, images, audio, and videos. In addition to the importance of knowing the acts of aggression carried out by the Axis powers leading up to World War II, the technology skills covered in this lesson are also valuable to high school freshmen and sophomores.

I can:
  • Summarize information about axis aggression leading up to WWII

  • Organize significant events of the interwar period in chronological order

  • Add text, images, audio, and/or video into an interactive timeline using the website Sutori

Tech Skills:
  • Text Editing

  • Keyboarding and Mouse Skills

Materials and Resources:

Student laptop or device

Sutori Account (free to create)

Axis Aggression handout


Grade Level:
  • 9th & 10th Grade
Subject Area:
  • Modern World History

  • American History

Activity 1:

  • Begin class by posing the question “What weaknesses of the League of Nations set Hitler and the Axis powers up to be aggressors leading up to WWI?”

  • Students can answer this question in a daily journal, as a bell ringer, or in a tool such as Socratic -depending on classroom structure/routine.

  • After a class discussion on student answers, transition students into the activity by either sharing or passing out the Axis Aggression handout.

    Review assignment requirements with students.



Activity 2:

  • After reviewing the assignment requirements, students should begin working on their interactive timelines.

  • As students begin to use the Sutori account, the teacher should be walking around and guiding students through the different tools available to them.

    Video and audio clips of speeches from different Axis leaders make great additions to the timeline!

  • Students can either add the instructor as a collaborator to the project, or they can share the link to turn in the assignment.

**This website also allows timelines to be worked on collaboratively between students.


Practice Activity

  • Students should complete and share their timelines with the teacher.

  • Students could also share their timelines with classmates the follow day as a bellringer/start up activity.


ONLS Modern World History:

15. The consequences of World War I and the worldwide depression set the stage for the Russian Revolution, the rise of totalitarianism, aggressive Axis expansion and the policy of appeasement, which in turn led to World War II.

ONLS American History:

21. During the 1930s, the U.S. government attempted to distance the country from earlier interventionist policies in the Western Hemisphere as well as retain an isolationist approach to events in Europe and Asia until the beginning of WWII.

Supplementary Resources:

Axis Aggression Printable Exhibition

Axis Aggression Map 

Axis Aggression background info

Sutori FAQ


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