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Conserving Resources
I can:

I can identify ways that people can conserve resources.

Tech Skills:
  • Text Editing
Materials and Resources:
Grade Level:
  • 3rd Grade

Subject Area:
  • Science

  1. Begin the lesson by showing The Lorax clip to the students. 

  2. After viewing, discuss what happened in the clip and why the Lorax was upset (ie. air pollution, cutting down trees, littering).

  3. Have the students  draw a picture to illustrate the definition for this word. 

  4. Tell the students that they are going to learn more about conserving resources. 

  5. Together go through the eBook Conserving Resources.

  6. If you are a Google Classroom you can share this with students and ask each student to contribute an additional page to the book.

  7. OR have kids in word processing or presentation software each write a page for a book that can be compiled into a book about conservation. You may want to have students work in pairs, and assign each pair a resource.

  8. Share completed book with class


Third Grade Science Theme: Interconnections within Systems.

Some of Earth’s resources are limited
Supplementary Resources:

Kids water use it wisely

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